We too often hear comments like ‘I’m not fit enough to come yet’ and ‘I’ll join next week/month/year’ – it’s crazy talk and pure old fashioned procrastination. It doesn’t even have to be with Rocket Fitness, but the sooner you make the move to a fitter and healthier lifestyle, the sooner you will get results!

Rocket Fitness is a no-judgement zone. We’re all here for the same thing – and believe it or not everyone wants you to be fit and healthy and to get started on a better you straight away. We have a range of fitness levels training alongside each other in an encouraging, supportive environment. You will ‘fit in’ regardless of how fit or unfit you are.

When starting with us, you don’t need fancy Lorna Jane clothing, the latest expensive running shoes or to be fit and ready to run a marathon. All you really need to bring in is a good attitude and a goal. We love nothing more than seeing our members achieve their health and fitness goals.

So head over and check out our membership packages to work out what option would suit you best.